X-PURGE - "Delete your Files, Protect Personally Idetifiable Information (PII) with Confidence."

If you or your business values CONFIDENTIALITY and PRIVACY, you need to install and implement the use of X-PURGE program NOW !

X-Purge is a Simple, Powerful and OBEDIENT FILE DELETION tool.

  • > X-Purge deletes target files on the spot
  • > X-Purge is a RUN On DEMAND program and does not work in the background once you already close it. Therefore, it does not slow down your computer.
  • > Faster purging process as it targets only the files being deleted and not the free spaces nor the entire drive
  • > Made even faster as the program uses multi-threading techniques for parallel processing
  • > Supports both HDD and SSD Storage drives
  • > Does not use any CLOUD connectivity of any sort to work

It is obedient in the sense that once you command it to delete some files for you, it will actually delete those files, IMMEDIATELY, NOT LATER, BUT IMMEDIATELY.

You may not know it but the way computers have been behaving for decades whenever you ask it to delete some files for you may shock you.

The delete function on a computer actually does not delete the contents of your files immediately but rather, it just removes a pointer reference to the target file and just MARKS it for deletion, flagging the system that it can then already re-use the space currently allocated for the supposedly deleted file. And in reality, your file's data is still there, intact and available for any one scrupulous actor to dig it at least until when time comes that this space gets actually re-used by some other files. This time window, by the way, is unpredictable and puts your data at risk of being breached. Especially nowadays, storage devices have quite very large capacities which further reduces any guarantee that that previously occupied space will be overwritten anytime soon. And in case the files you have requested to be overwritten are confidential ones, which is often the case, then those contents are at risk of getting recovered or mined. To make matters worse, when those supposedly deleted files are saved on an external USB flash drive, gets lost outside your home or office, or shared to co-workers thinking that it is totally empty or when it simply gets stolen.

All it takes to recover these supposedly deleted data is for one scrupulous attacker to download a file recovery program from the Internet which are by the way, freely available for anyone.

To give you a clearer perspective on just how dangerous and serious the situation is, imagine you are working in an office that caters services involving national security or for some financial organizations which handle sensitive financial data which could make or break the economy. Or let's say you are in hospitality industry where you handle data with PII about your guests. Then one of your colleagues from another department borrows your USB flash storage drive. Believing that your USB flash storage drive is empty, you lend it to him. Now all he has to do is to download a free File Recovery tool from the Internet which is by the way, very available and free nowadays and he could be able to see your supposedly deleted files. Or let's say your colleague is a decent person but then, unfortunately, he lost your USB flash storage drive on his way home. And it happens that one curious person happens to finds it on the road and decides to dig into it using a file recovery tool. That outsider could dig in and learn some supposedly private data from that "empty" USB flash storage drive.

If you are thinking of "Quick Format", you may get disappointed, but data can still be highly recoverable after performing one.

And if you do the long "FORMAT", then that could really clean or empty the storage but it takes a very, very long time to do that and it is not really a practical thing to do especially when you only need to delete a few files.

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