X-Makina is a small startup founded by a Filipino electronics and communications engineer whose main mission is to help promote knowledge about Information Technology to everyone, especially, to the young and upcoming breed of future engineers.

Knowing how difficult life in the country is, one of his main focus is to be able to raise the interest of the younger generations, such as those who are about to graduate from secondary schools and who are about to enter into Universities. Having experienced being a senior high school already and yet, no clear goal of what he actually wanted to be, he wants to show and introduce these youngsters to a good and stable career which they could possibly be interested with. He would also like to help those who are planning to shift career from other fields into Information Technology. As an initiative, he has just launched a new series of lessons on C# Software Development/Programming which he updates regularly to help the world's future Software engineers.

Aside from this, he wants to help fix and help people to be able to protect themselves from one basic security flaw with computers. It is with regards to a surprisingly simple function on the computer and yet, poses major data privacy risks not only to big enterprises, but also to EVERY INDIVIDUAL WHO USES A COMPUTER: The FILE DELETE functionality on the computer.

This is the reason he has created a program called X-PURGE.

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If you believe in his causes above, please consider supporting him by buying a licensed X-PURGE program. It will allow him to reach farther and with a much wider audience at a faster pace. It will only set you back

USD 1.00

for the X-PURGE program.
In return, the program which you will be buying will make sure the files you want deleted from your computer gets deleted on time, saving you from potential data breach troubles related to data storage leaks.

And lastly, he just enjoys working and dealing with both the excitement and the challenges which Information Technology brings on the table.